January 27th, 2010

Beam me up Jobsey…

In a sideways slant to all the Apple tablet rumours flying about, a recent post on The Register is claiming that the next iPhone release could be as soon as April. Allegedly sporting a dual-core processor, improved graphics, video chat, an OLED display it is also (supposedly) going to incorporate a removable battery. Now we love Apple as much as the next ‘fanboy’ but we find this last feature a little hard to swallow. Having a removable battery on the iPhone is a bit like having a power supply on the Duracell Bunny or sliding doors on a Delorean – somehow it just doesn’t feel right. If the Infinite loop lads and ladies really want to raise the bar then how about  ‘iPort’ an iPhone based teleportation app? That would really shift some kit – although to be fair shifting people (over the current 3G network) might prove a little trickier…

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