An engaging and entertaining animation for the Personal Group.


  • Animation


The Personal group are a UK leading provider of Employee Benefits and Financial Services, with over 25 years of specialist experience.


Red Route asked us to create this explainer video for their clients Voluntary Group Income Protection package. We created two characters Chris and Sam to illustrate two very different life stories and outcomes. Animated in Photoshop the individual movies were exported and composited using Apple Motion. The music came courtesy of iStock.

Top Tip

Motion Graphics is a term generally used to describe graphically rich sequences created for film and video. The process often reffered to as compositing basically means the combination of multiple video and graphical sources into a single sequence. While Flash pretty much ruled the roost as far as animated web graphics were concerned up until recently the emergence of HTML 5 and mobile devices have rendered it pretty much redundant. The exceptional connection speeds now available coupled with content delivery networks such as YouTube and Vimeo make video a realistic choice for both external and internal communications.

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