January 27th, 2011

Flash / HMTL5 and jQuery for the rest of us…

In a recent blog post Mark Anders of Adobe demonstrated a prototype HTML5 animation editor called ‘Edge’. The video makes interesting viewing and certainly seems to confirm that Adobe is thinking about a post ‘Flash plugin required’ world. Although the product appears to rely heavily on existing technologies (namely Javascript) it does appear to tick a number of the boxes that the rest of us (i.e. visual designers / animators) need to get our jobs done and keep our clients happy. While there has been much talk about the battle between HTML5 and Flash from a streaming video point of view, few people seem to mention such humble matters as animating page graphics and banner ads. Hopefully this app might go some way to address this and personally we can’t wait to open our wallets again.¬†All we need now is the ubiquitous ‘skip intro’ button, a rocking compression codec and the ability to link to a product someone wants to sell! Oh and you will need the Flash plugin to view this…

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