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June 27, 2011

World in Motion…


Here at the Deli we get pretty excited about software updates but rarely more so than for our favourite video compositing software Apple’s Motion. Mac Rumors recently posted a number of images puporting to be screen grabs of the next release and we think it all looks pretty cool. UI aside, the utilisation of our 6 shiny new cores (and 16 gigs of RAM) would be enough to leave us in something of a spin…

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May 5, 2011

Google Guzzlers…

IT specialist website The Register reports that Google has been lobbying to make driverless cars legal in at least one US State. We love this concept. It’s not so much the Technology behind the idea (or even the questionable health and safety benefits) but rather the thought of being able to call your car from the pub and get a lift home. We’ve also been wondering about the possible Software/Hardware tie ups that might result. Assuming Google Chrome runs on a Toyota and Windows 7 on a Ford then surely an Aston Martin will require the very latest Mac OS?

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October 20, 2010

Second generation iPads revealed…

Giant iPhone jokes aside we’re far less skeptical about the new iPad than many. Touch screens on more ‘mobile’ devices are definitely the way forward and despite having both an iMac and a Macbook Pro at home I still do most of my browsing on an iPhone. With applications continuously switching to the cloud and or appearing as dedicated ‘apps’ on these ‘smart’ devices we believe people are going to have to forget about the Personal Computer as a concept altogether. The days of inserting 40 odd floppy disks into a beige plastic box so you can install a program to write a letter are (thankfully) over and the conventional computing environment (in the home at least) is going to go the same way in our humble opinion. The way we interact with the web is changing too. Why search through hundreds of web pages diligently bookmarking different Yoga positions when there’s an app for it? The one major flaw with the current iPad of course is it’s dependence (through synching) with exactly the same old school computing environment we have just been discussing. But we don’t think this will last forever and we doubt Apple does either. Connect your iPad wirelessly to your network drive and bingo everything is backed up without the need for another device. Bring on the 6th generation iPad that’s what we say (oh and make sure it’s Flash enabled….)

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June 27, 2010

iPhone 4 – Just (not) like that…

In an interesting turn of events Apple has issued a statement regarding the ‘correct’ way to hold an iPhone 4 following complaints from early adopters of the (soon to be) ubiquitous device. Previously Steve Jobs no less had replied to a customers email with the words “Just avoid holding it in that way.” Good advice we suspect but also somewhat reminiscent of the classic Tommy Cooper joke about a visit to the doctor. “I went to the doctor the other day, I said ‘it hurts when I do that’ he said ‘well don’t do it’

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January 27, 2010

iGuise – the must have accessory for iPhone 4

We love the idea of making video calls, but in the media frenzy that inevitably seems to follow any Apple announcement these days we’re wondering if something might have been missed. Privacy.

Sure it’s cool to see your friends on holiday in California or the kids at nursery but what if it’s a client chasing a deadline or worse still someone trying to sell you a water cooler? It’s not going to be quite so easy to finish a call when they can see the whites of your eyes is it?

That’s where iGuise comes in. It’s the must have accessory for any iPhone 4 running FaceTime. Simply tell the caller that you have popped out and that you will get yourself to return their call when you get back. Easy.

iGuise – the perfect way to be out when your in…

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Keep taking the tablets

Despite various rumours circulating on the web yesterday Microsoft didn’t in fact steal a March on the Curpentino crew by launching a new tablet (or Slate) PC. Arguably not as well hyped as Apple’s own offering (which would be an achievement in itself) it is good to see aggressive competition in the glassy, touchy feely field. While some uncertainty still remains on how such a device will sit within existing product lines, we’re sure Apple will make it’s own intentions clear on around the 27th of this month. Here at the Deli we couldn’t help wondering what Moses would have made of such a device? While the immediacy of the touch sensitive screen and ubiquitous spell checker would no doubt have been helpful the limited battery life and wireless connectivity would surely have proved a disadvantage…

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Beam me up Jobsey…

In a sideways slant to all the Apple tablet rumours flying about, a recent post on The Register is claiming that the next iPhone release could be as soon as April. Allegedly sporting a dual-core processor, improved graphics, video chat, an OLED display it is also (supposedly) going to incorporate a removable battery. Now we love Apple as much as the next ‘fanboy’ but we find this last feature a little hard to swallow. Having a removable battery on the iPhone is a bit like having a power supply on the Duracell Bunny or sliding doors on a Delorean – somehow it just doesn’t feel right. If the Infinite loop lads and ladies really want to raise the bar then how about  ‘iPort’ an iPhone based teleportation app? That would really shift some kit – although to be fair shifting people (over the current 3G network) might prove a little trickier…

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