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June 27, 2011

A picture posts a thousand links…

google_search When Google released their new Search by Image functionality the other day we unashamedly rushed to try it out. Although our initial (wholly unscientific) results were a little disappointing, we still regard this as a wonderful cutting edge technology (WIP) rather than er… a bit of a car crash.

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Swiffy – HTML5 in a Jiffy…

flash Google Labs today released a new product called Swiffy that converts Flash SWF files into HTML5 compatible code. We’ve been taking a look at it and although it’s not perfect it isn’t bad either. While we’re not advocating a return to full fat flash sites (or the ubiquitous skip intro) this does provide an additional string to the digital bow. Used carefully it can afford us levels of animation simply not achievable using jQuery and the like. It also gives us the¬†opportunity¬†to create a more engaging ‘fallback’ than the dreaded ‘alternative gif’. Flash is dead. Long live Flash!

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May 5, 2011

Google Guzzlers…

IT specialist website The Register reports that Google has been lobbying to make driverless cars legal in at least one US State. We love this concept. It’s not so much the Technology behind the idea (or even the questionable health and safety benefits) but rather the thought of being able to call your car from the pub and get a lift home. We’ve also been wondering about the possible Software/Hardware tie ups that might result. Assuming Google Chrome runs on a Toyota and Windows 7 on a Ford then surely an Aston Martin will require the very latest Mac OS?

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