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October 20, 2010

Second generation iPads revealed…

Giant iPhone jokes aside we’re far less skeptical about the new iPad than many. Touch screens on more ‘mobile’ devices are definitely the way forward and despite having both an iMac and a Macbook Pro at home I still do most of my browsing on an iPhone. With applications continuously switching to the cloud and or appearing as dedicated ‘apps’ on these ‘smart’ devices we believe people are going to have to forget about the Personal Computer as a concept altogether. The days of inserting 40 odd floppy disks into a beige plastic box so you can install a program to write a letter are (thankfully) over and the conventional computing environment (in the home at least) is going to go the same way in our humble opinion. The way we interact with the web is changing too. Why search through hundreds of web pages diligently bookmarking different Yoga positions when there’s an app for it? The one major flaw with the current iPad of course is it’s dependence (through synching) with exactly the same old school computing environment we have just been discussing. But we don’t think this will last forever and we doubt Apple does either. Connect your iPad wirelessly to your network drive and bingo everything is backed up without the need for another device. Bring on the 6th generation iPad that’s what we say (oh and make sure it’s Flash enabled….)

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