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May 5, 2011

Google Guzzlers…

IT specialist website The Register reports that Google has been lobbying to make driverless cars legal in at least one US State. We love this concept. It’s not so much the Technology behind the idea (or even the questionable health and safety benefits) but rather the thought of being able to call your car from the pub and get a lift home. We’ve also been wondering about the possible Software/Hardware tie ups that might result. Assuming Google Chrome runs on a Toyota and Windows 7 on a Ford then surely an Aston Martin will require the very latest Mac OS?

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January 27, 2010

Keep taking the tablets

Despite various rumours circulating on the web yesterday Microsoft didn’t in fact steal a March on the Curpentino¬†crew by launching a new tablet (or Slate) PC. Arguably not as well hyped as Apple’s own offering (which would be an achievement in itself) it is good to see aggressive competition in the glassy, touchy feely field. While some uncertainty still remains on how such a device will sit within existing product lines, we’re sure Apple will make it’s own intentions clear on around the 27th of this month. Here at the Deli we couldn’t help wondering what Moses would have made of such a device? While the immediacy of the touch sensitive screen and ubiquitous spell checker would no doubt have been helpful the limited battery life and wireless connectivity would surely have proved a disadvantage…

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